UHMWPE sheet main applications

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The main features of UHMWPE sheet has high self-lubricating, non-absorbent, water damage due to the formation of molecular chains, eliminate bonding, cutting natural and smooth. High wear resistance, impact resistance, adding a number of modifiers, maintaining the original features, improve more practical advantages. Impact, impact strength reached 150KJ / m, not broken. Excellent environmental stress cracking resistance is 200 times that of ordinary polyethylene. Excellent low temperature performance, nor rattle even when 176 ℃.
UHMWPE sheet main applications:
1, Chemical Engineering: mainly used in corrosion resistant mechanical parts;
2, thermal power generation: coal handling, coal storage, warehousing chute lining;
3, coal handling: sieve, plate, U-shaped underground coal chute;
4, concrete: cement raw and finished silo silo lining;
5, cereals: food warehousing chute lining;
6, mining: sieve, chute liners, wear-resistant adhesive part;
7, the food industry: star wheel, bottle conveying timing screws, bearings, guide rollers, rails, slide seat, etc..