The main application industries and five properties of UHMWPE sheet

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The main application industries of UHMWPE sheet:
1, the coal industry: coal storage, coal bucket under, ground coal ditch;
2, the steel industry: mixing silos, coking plants, coal tower, blending chamber;
3, the cement industry: coal storage, coal storage, warehouse clay, iron warehouse;
4, the food industry: Health cutting board.
Five properties of UHMWPE sheet.
1, high self-lubricating, non-absorbent: water damage due to the formation of molecular chains, eliminate bonding, cutting natural and smooth.
2, high wear resistance, impact resistance: adding a variety of modifiers, maintaining the original features, improve more practical advantages.
3, impact: the impact strength of 150KJ / m, not broken.
4, excellent environmental stress cracking resistance is 200 times that of ordinary polyethylene.
5, excellent low temperature performance, nor rattle even when 176 ℃.