Excellent performance of the HDPE sheet

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HDPE sheet has many excellent performance. For example, HDPE sheet is very wearable.
1, HDPE sheet good self-lubricating, rolling friction coefficient of the lowest in the plastic, can work without lubrication in the form of a sliding or rotating, its lubricity than steel and copper in the presence of oil in the case even better.
2, The impact strength of plastic in the first column is an existing plastic varieties most resistant to impact, temperature impact strength comparable with polycarbonate PC, and low-temperature impact strength even better than polycarbonate PC.
3, The surface without adhesive force of any material are not bonding with very low water absorption (<0.01%).
4, HDPE sheet is the best high wear resistance with respect to various kinds of pure plastic, and with the increase of the molecular weight increase; UHMWPE with steel, copper pairing prone to adhesive wear, wear small pieces spouse. Life than steel, wear resistance is 3-7 times the carbon steel and stainless steel;
5, The molecular weight is great, but very little unsaturated bond, and therefore has excellent chemical resistance, the ability of all kinds of corrosive media, such as: acid, alkali, salt, and ability of various types of organic solvents.