UHMWPE sheet products lubrication function of friction and wear

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Under lubrication, friction and wear properties of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet is mainly dependent on the lubricating effect of the friction surface corrosion and media. This polymer sheet under water and sodium chloride solution for lubrication and friction GCr15, due to the friction surface of the medium to severe corrosion, abrasion wear rate is much higher than the rate in other conditions. This way of friction and wear surfaces are closely related to the subject of corrosion can be called indirect corrosive wear.

This wear pattern is that it occurs in surface microstructure subjected to large friction surface asperities plowing results sometimes occur intelligent reconstruction. Based on scanning electron microscopy and three-dimensional contours UHMWPE sheet products wear surface morphology analysis, the researchers presented to illustrate the dynamic mechanism of stick-slip ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plate tread wear.