Several major features of UHMWPE sheet

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First added UHMWPE sheet in a modifier such as molybdenum disulfide, which greatly improves the nonstick, and UHMWPE sheet by high-pressure high-speed hybrid composite fillers and nano-montmorillonite, changing its heat distortion temperature, temperature up to 120 ℃, and itself contains a waxy substance, with high self-lubricating, UHMWPE sheet does not absorb water features make it function with moisture.
Respectively UHMWPE sheet also added a bead and a stabilizer to enhance the abrasion resistance and fatigue resistance but also the wear resistance, and abrasion resistance is more than 2 times the original polymer material. UHMWPE sheet but also a notable feature is the inclusion reinforcement powder, liquid crystal polymer and other modifiers, it has superior impact strength. Finally UHMWPE sheet has all the advantages and type Ⅱ life is more than three times the original polymer materials.