The excellent performance of UHMWPE sheet

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UHMWPE sheet can be used instead of carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze and other materials used in the textile, paper, food machinery, medical, chemical and other sectors. Such as the textile industry on technical shuttle, a dozen shuttle rods, couplings, buffer block, eccentric swing consequences of impact-resistant wear parts; do cover plate on the paper industry, wiper blade, joints, drive shaft mechanical seal, scraper do powdery material on the transportation industry hoppers, silos, chutes lining;, filters and so on.
UHMWPE sheet do all kinds of machinery parts, food machinery, including gears, worm, bearings. Chemicals in doing pumps, valves, baffles, plate. Medical care, but also for the heart valve, a short form of surgical parts, artificial joints and birth control implants. Do sports skating floor, rolling earth road, skis, snowmobile parts.
UHMWPE sheet application and the polyamide, similar wear resistance over steel, making gears, bearings, star wheel valves, rails, packing, the slide plate becomes, artificial joints, etc., fiber as body armor, ropes and so on.