UHMWPE sheet combines excellent performance

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UHMWPE sheet combines the following excellent performance: high abrasion resistance, high impact resistance, the surface is not sticky and self-lubricating properties. And, even under low temperature conditions it can remain excellent mechanical properties. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene UHMW-PE sheet is a sheet having an extremely high viscosity of the polymer as a powder shape, the typical particle size range of 100-200 microns. Due to the high viscosity, it usually can not be processed by conventional thermoplastic molding method, but with molding or ram extrusion process, under high pressure of the UHMW-PE particles to melt and sinter the billet or profile, if necessary, and then subsequent machining. Because UHMWPE wear plates, chemical resistance and good frictional properties, its main application areas include large quantities of material handling, food and beverage processing machinery, chemicals, mining and mineral processing equipment, recreational facilities, transportation, and orthopedic implants.