The difference between UHMWPE sheet and polyethylene sheet

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Our UHMWPE sheet quality and service are very perfect. We explain about the difference between UHMWPE sheet and polyethylene sheet of relevant knowledge.
UHMWPE sheet at the time of construction can often be seen, the material has good chemical stability, and high density, so UHMWPE sheet very wide range of applications in various fields have been widely used. But UHMWPE sheet with ordinary polyethylene sheet which is the difference?
Molecular structure and molecular weight polyethylene UHMWPE sheet while the sheet is identical, but the molecular weight of UHMWPE sheet of molecular weight polyethylene sheet than much higher. Important value on the performance of the UHMWPE sheet having a density and molecular weight, all mechanical properties, including impact resistance, yield stress, tensile strength, bending strength, torsional stiffness, creep resistance depends on the densities, the density of UHMWPE sheet is high, relative range of applications is very broad, which is why UHMWPE sheet by customer favorite causes.