Difference between UHMWPE sheet and polyvinyl chloride

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Difference between UHMWPE sheet and polyvinyl chloride: Polyvinyl chloride is produced in the largest consumption of varieties of plastic, as a white powdery amorphous polymer, having many valuable properties, hard and strong material. Unmodified hard PVC articles having a high tensile strength but a low elongation at break, indicating its poor toughness. Impact properties of the polymeric material and the material related to the toughness, impact strength is a measure of the toughness of the material. Impact resistance is the ability of the material to resist cracking under the impact load or the ability to resist fracture at high stresses. Stress - strain the area under the curve is directly proportional to the toughness of the material. PVC impact modifier was added, the toughness can be improved significantly. The impact modifier may be added to effectively prevent the crack growth and absorb the impact energy, so that the impact performance improvements, and improved low temperature brittleness. Different impact modifier and an impact modifier of the same are different grades of the effect of the impact will be different. With the increase of the impact modifier is generally used in an amount of, PVC impact strength gradually increased; after reaching a critical content, the impact strength increases considerably; continue to increase the amount of impact modifiers to improve the impact strength is not apparent, the formation of S-shaped curve. Destruction of type S-curve for the lower PVC brittle failure, damage type S-curve is obviously the upper ductile failure.