The main considerations of UHMWPE sheet in the production

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First UHMWPE sheet during the manufacturing process requires attention to the selection and construction materials. Because UHMWPE sheet manufacturing raw materials are inert molecules, poor mobility of raw materials, which is how to bring manufacturing pe sheet a little trouble, so I chose UHMWPE sheet manufacturing raw materials is very important. In order to change the raw material die poor mobility difficulties caused by gaseous matter the issue of increased choice in the selection of raw materials to be adding some lubricant materials, lubricant selection mainly stearic acid and salts. Such produce pe sheet material uniformity, no air bubbles.
Also in the construction technique can improve the construction process to get more quality UHMWPE sheet. The main methods to improve the process, a good grasp of the amount of feed problems, metering beforehand how much material you need, do not much material or material shortage, pe board should be adjusted for a higher quantity. The best use of the high-pressure injection method to produce fast, so you can get a better plate.