How to choose inexpensive UHMWPE Bushing

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UHMWPE Bushing is a kind of engineering plastics, many uses, mainly for steel, cement, coal, textiles, paper, machinery and other industries. The main performance is, abrasion, impact, good self-lubricating properties.

To pay attention to when choosing to see the performance of the product, whether with excellent wear resistance, good low temperature impact resistance, self-lubricating, non-toxic, water resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance than the general PE, the disadvantage is heat resistance ( heat distortion temperature ) is low, moldability is poor, the outer surface hardness, rigidity, creep resistance than most plastic expansion coefficient is too large. UHMWPE poor fluidity, high viscosity in the molten state, is a viscous rubbery elastomer, only early molding by compression and sintering method, is also available extrusion, injection molding and blow molding processing methods. Mechanical properties than the usual high -density polyethylene. Has outstanding impact resistance, resistance to stress cracking resistance, high temperature creep resistance, low coefficient of friction, self-lubricating, excellent chemical resistance, fatigue resistance, noise damping resistance, radiation resistance.