The physical and chemical properties of UHMWPE sheet

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The duration of UHMWPE sheet is longer than steel, and its abrasion resistance is 3-7 times as long as the carbon steel and stainless steel. It is low coefficient of friction, self-lubricating, non-absorbent, non-adhesive materials and has high impact strength.
In UHMWPE sheet, a polyethylene polymer to achieve a high degree of orientation and , so that the fibers with light, soft, high strength, high modulus and other fine features.
UHMWPE sheet not only low elongation at break, long flex life, impact resistance, low conductivity, high water resistance, a large work of fracture, but also has a strong ability to absorb energy, projecting against the toughness and resistance to cutting.
Meanwhile, UHMWPE sheet resistant to UV and resistance to various chemical corrosion. Of course, it also has drawbacks, the melting temperature of low heat resistance under stress of 145 ~ 160 ℃, poor , the presence of some combustible and creep resistance.