What are the characteristics of UHMWPE

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1. UHMWPE having a molecular weight, ordinary polyethylene (PE) of the viscosity-average molecular weight of only a few hundred thousand; ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) has a viscosity average molecular weight greater than 1,500,000.
2. UHMWPE has difficulty processing characteristics.
3. UHMWPE has excellent wear resistance, abrasion resistance is carbon seven times, 5-7 times that of ordinary plastics.
4. UHMWPE has excellent self-lubricating, low friction, fluid transfer resistance.
5. UHMWPE has a very low surface energy, non-sticking, non-scaling.
7. UHMWPE having a high impact strength, especially low temperature impact resistance is excellent, is the highest known plastics.
8. UHMWPE excellent chemical stability, in addition to a handful of its corrosive solvent, the common inorganic and organic acids, bases, salts and organic solvents (except naphthalene), this material is not corrosive. UHMWPE is similar to PTFE in chemical stability, is an inert material.
9. UHMWPE has excellent anti-aging properties, under natural sunlight conditions, UHMWPE aging life of 50 years.