UHMWPE sheet is a good choice to be used as a buffer material

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UHMWPE sheet with high strength impact resistance, high-quality UHMWPE sheet smooth, low friction, and excellent wear resistance, cushioning materials such as buffer for buffering the bed side panels have a great advantage. UHMWPE sheet in the application of the benefits of this are:
1.to ensure that the contact surface and the surface of the conveyor belt, even by force, to effectively prevent breakage due idlers, belt longitudinal tear caused by falling, while significantly reducing the belt is after sharp or sharp materials penetrating longitudinal tear of probabilities.
2.UHMWPE sheet can effectively reduce the vibration blanking points.
3 the effective protection of the conveyor belt, saving resources.
4.UHMWPE sheet as a buffer plate bed greatly reduces the buffer repair and routine maintenance. Smooth surface such that friction
5.UHMWPE sheet running conveyor to a minimum. Because of the many benefits of the application, UHMWPE sheet recognized by everyone in the mine by using a buffer on the bed surface.