Application areas of UHMWPE sheet

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UHMWPE sheet using a specially designed injection molding and reasonable molding process, a complex product formulations, can produce round shape, sleeve and various other irregular shapes to achieve a UHMWPE sheet of multi-species, large-scale industrial production. The process of this technology is the raw material is mixed with a small amount of aid after injection directly into the injection molding machine, without granulation, low product cost, available white qualities of products, product shape, good dimensional stability, excellent mechanical properties. Equipment is highly automated, easy to operate, compared with the traditional pressing sintering method, the production efficiency can be increased by more than 50 times. Products made from used as impact resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature components. Such as: textile and leather knot shuttle, riding pole rotor, meter top, filling line roller, water pump impeller, axial flow water-lubricated bushings, refrigerator parts. Excellent value for money, and can replace expensive copper, stainless steel, Teflon, nylon, polyacetal, polycarbonate and other materials.