UHMWPE sheet application scope

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Silo lining: Because UHMW-PE has a good self-lubrication and wear resistance, can be used as liners, cargo hold and dump the car trough storage of coal, salt, sand, ore, grain, and tobacco silo of lining, thereby eliminating the phenomenon of bridging silos and hoppers, to avoid clogging.
Dock fender: UHMW-PE good impact resistance protection dock and hull from damage.

Food machinery, chemical machinery, textile and paper machinery: used to produce Mo-resistant parts, such as: star wheel, roller, sprockets, bearings, dehydration board, shuttle, pump, which may be processed into powder conveying pipe used in power plants ash, river mud for dredging sent.

UHMWPE sheet of filter material:
UHMWPE powder with a porous filter material equipment, widely used in metallurgy, machinery, chemicals, textiles, paper, brewing, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, oil, beverage, food and other industrial production and waste management, etc., to achieve liquid clarification and filtration, liquid suspended solid residue filtered.