Analysis: The impact strength of UHMWPE sheet

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Under different circumstances, the molecular weight may affect the impact strength UHMWPE sheet.
Impact strength values UHMWPE sheet and other plastic method according to ASTM-D256 measured, drawn from the comparison: normal impact resistance UHMWPE sheet can be divided into the known impact-resistant polycarbonate comparable, commonly used in engineering plastics. UHMWPE sheet under -40oC even with low temperatures, there is still a strong impact resistance, even at the temperature of liquid gas -269oC still able to maintain a good impact resistance, this excellent low temperature properties, so that the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene application sheet extended to cryogenic engineering.
When the impact strength UHMWPE sheet related to molecular weight and its molecular weight is less than 2,000,000, with the increase of the molecular weight, the impact strength increased about 2,000,000 reaches a peak, then the peak molecular weight and then increased but the impact strength will decrease. Since the molecular chain is very light when it is prevented crystal effect, so there is a large area of the amorphous macromolecule which can absorb a large impact energy.