The Application of UHMWPE Pipe

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 The Application of UHMWPE Pipe

Application Fields:

Mining,Metallurgical Industry

Tailing conveying pipeline;

Mineral powder, pulp conveying pipeline.

Coal Industry

Water supply and drainage pipeline;

The ventilation pipe;

Coal washing line.

Petroleum and Chemical Industry


Corrosive medium pipeline.

Power Industry

Ash conveying pipeline;

Circulating water pipeline;

Chemical water pipeline.

Iron and Steel Industry

Material conveying pipeline;

Pulp conveying pipeline.

1 .Long distance transport for the oil.

2 .The application of thermal power industry.

3 .The application of coal mining ore dressing.

4 .Metal mine and chemical mine tailing and mud are for long distance transportation.

5 .Chemical industry:strong acid,alkali contour the conveying of corrosive medium,the brine of salt chemical industry, salt slurry,impurities in the conveying.

6 .Dredging engineering:the transporting sediment dredging engineering for the river,lake,port,wharf.

7 .Ocean engineering:desalination of sea water and fresh water.

8 .Municipal engineering:wastewater treatment,water supply and the coal gas and natural gas transportation.

9 .Belt conveyor roller tube light weight,wear resistance,good lubricity,energy saving effect,easy installation and maintenance.

10.Food,chemical;landscaping,agricultural irrigation.