The Application of UHMWPE Sheet

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UHMWPE sheet with self-lubrication and non-adhesion, high-performance polymer polyethylene technology is to give PE sheets self-repair, self-decomposition, self-diagnosis , ,homemade function,one of the intelligent material.To develop high stiffness,high strength,high humidity environment used in the polyethylene board as the focus,building material,molding processing, design, inspection integration of the material system.

Modified UHMWPE sheet with good self-lubrication and non-adhesion ,so can work well on the surface of the roller, to ensure the smooth operation of the belt.

UHMWPE sheets with good wear resistance, better than other metal products , and with the polyethylene molecular weight increasing, the wear resistance will be getting better and better.Its corrosion resistance is relatively strong,which will not be corroded in some acid-base environment. And UHMWPE sheet with low water absorption,is almost equivalent to non-absorbent, which will not expand soaking in water for a long time.

UHMWPE sheet is very prominent in the low temperature, and the impact resistance is very good,too.And the low coefficient of friction make it an ideal friction part,can improve the wear life of the equipment.UHMWPE sheets can work well in food and pharmaceutical industry ,because of non-toxic and tasteless,non-corrosion.

So UHMWPE sheet will be more and more popular.