The application of (UHMW)ultra-high molecular polyethylene sheet in the food industry

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UHMW polyethylene sheet performances are: excellent wear resistance, good resistance to low temperature impact and self-lubricating,

The disadvantage is the heat resistance (heat distortion temperature) is low, poor formability,And the hardness of surface , creep resistance is worse than the general engineering plastics. UHMWPEs fluidity is poor, and the melt is extremely viscous, which is a rubber-like and high viscoelastic material.  It can only be made by pressing and sintering molding way, but now it can also be made by extrusion, injection and blow molding method.


As the UHMWPE sheet with excellent physical and mechanical properties and non-toxic, tasteless, non-absorbent, non-adhesive, corrosion resistance, light weight and many other advantages,so there is a great application market in the packaging and food machinery industry. At present, there are various packaging and food machinery and filling line has been successfully provided with a variety of different shapes and structure of the wheel, chain, chain, worm, guide rod, gear, star wheel, hand wheel, roller, Protection rails, hopper, pressure plate, the control panel, scraper, gripper, lining tile, plunger and other accessories.


 In the food industry, UHMW profiles for canned, bottled food delivery pipeline, and it is not only to smooth the transport, but also to prevent the collision of the bottle, and greatly reducing the noise. In the powder food, instant food and chocolate candy and other packaging industries are using that material parts, and the sliding characteristics and durability of the people generally appreciated.