AYCG UHMW ground mat

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Light weight, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, good toughness, hard to brittle, easy to layer and very strong.

UHMW Ground mat is indispensable for construction, civil engineering and basic work.It is the first choice for your short and long term construction site with a pinholes that make it easy to be removed from the truck , and to be moved by two men and deployed on the site.

Our ground mat can solve the phenomenon of vehicle and cargo sliding or sinking, even in the worst weather or ground conditions.It can be used to connect with a variety of connection methods to suit different ground and weather conditions. The flexible feature of the polyethylene pavement plate can be dimensioned by the contours of the pavement to solve the road mud and tilt problems.


Tests can be used in extreme hot and cold weather conditions:

Can use hundreds of times!

Guaranteed to use for more than a decade!